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Hello hello..

Welcome to my crazy, free-spirited world – a no-filter, exciting and fairly intriguing space to jump into!

I have always loved to explore and discover new places since I was a child. I now travel to a new destination whenever I get the opportunity. There are times when I just cannot stay in the same city for too long; monotony bores me. This is also where the name ‘Feet Run Wild’ comes from. To me- it’s the urge to escape, to drift away into the wild, and to give in to the longing for mysterious places.

Travel, for me, is like meditation. It’s a peaceful, almost enlightening, affair. It’s all about your personal transformation; the virtually unrecognisable change in yourself after a trip – the feeling of metamorphosis. It’s what, paradoxically, tests your fears and satisfies your inquisitiveness, at the same time. I hold a great sense of gratitude for all my experiences. Travelling is not only about discovering the new, but also about letting go. To me, it’s love.

A lot of times, I find it difficult to verbally explain to people what a particular travel experience has been like. Although I’m very possessive of the ecstatic feeling after a journey, I do wish to share a few insights and moments. Unsurprisingly though, I find it easier to write these down, which led me here- this blog. Welcome.