I’m Ananya, and welcome to my blog, Feet Run Wild; a space for me to share with you- captivating stories, sensational experiences, and my personal journey through this beautiful life and the map of the world! I’m based out of Mumbai in India, graduated with a Digital Media Design degree, which justifies my obsessive-compulsive disorder and my inability to do anything without planning, researching and getting into the nitty-gritty of things.

Most of the time, you’ll catch me sipping on a hot cuppa’ coffee or relishing an ice cream at places you would least expect, hidden gems! I absolutely love watching movies and web-series although I’m quite picky with the content I view. Usually drooling over all kinds of food, whether its a spicy curry that makes me cry or sweet dessert that makes me do a happy dance! Trekking, star gazing, snorkelling, swimming, horseback riding, puppies, flowers, theatre and writing- these are a few of my favourite things!

You can connect with me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter @feetrunwild or drop me an e-mail at feetrunwild@gmail.com