Only 2 Hours Away, This Treehouse Is Definitely The Best Weekend Getaway From Mumbai!

With the stressful lives we all lead nowadays; do you ever want to run far away and escape the mundanity/monotony of modern life? No phone calls, emails, or client meetings. Just you, in the lap of nature! Once in a while, we all want to escape from the lives in our metros. How does an escapade full of nature trails, exotic birds, waterfalls and morning fog sound? Where nights are cold; but the toasty campfire keeps freezing away. Where people talk to each other, not their phones.

My best friend, Tanvi, and I often find that we don’t get enough time to spend with each other because of our respective busy schedules. Currently, we’re living in different cities so the few times we do get to meet; we make it a point to take a short getaway and this is one such occasion.

Commended as an eco-friendly resort that runs on solar and wind energy, The Machan in Lonavala is a luxury forest getaway situated about 15km from the main town. Perched at 3000ft. the resort is located in 25 acres of dense forest cover. True to its name, all the rooms are built in tree houses. Each room is different from the other in terms of views, structure and placement. There is a rustic, yet beautiful, touch to the rooms and the décor is delightful! Every room’s antique furniture and elegant bathtub is a treat! My favourite parts about these rooms were how they were framed with glass walls, and, of-course, the open-sky showers!

The Machan has four categories of guest rooms – Heritage, Canopy, Forest and Cabin Machans. The Heritage Machan being the most expensive and luxurious one, indeed a favourite amongst the visitors, offers a 360-degree view of the valley from the glass walled rooms. The Forest Machan has the best view into the valley, and is rather convenient and accessible. Its deck opens out into lush green meadows and hills. A trickling stream, bird calls and lots of flitting butterflies adds to the aura. You might become reflective, feel like a bird, or you might feel free from everything worldly.

The food served by the resort is decent and fresh; as they grow most of the produce in their own property, or get it from the nearby village. However, I’d suggest that you take some food along with you, since the in-room dining facility is often unavailable or sometimes slow.

There is not much to do in a place like this and that is exactly what attracted my attention the most. It is the perfect getaway and relaxation destination! They do not endorse the use of TVs, loud music or Internet access as it not only disturbs the forest animals but, the absence of those also lets our senses take charge. You can really spend time connecting with your own senses in such a free place. The different smells offered by the blooming flowers, listening to far off birdcalls, treating the eyes with the surrounding greenery and touching raw and rustic wood is simply a blessing! They also offer massages, yoga sessions, a stargazing experience and nature treks around the property.

Since Tanvi and I had spent very less time together, we got to talk and relax together at The Machan. It was the perfect 2-day staycation! We lounged on the deck, dozed on hammocks, photographed the organic beauty, chased blue butterflies, and tracked squirrels scurrying on trees. As the sky faded its colours, and the weather began to get cold, we sat on a lonely bench overlooking the surrounding forest and watched the sun set magically behind the hills.

If you want some quiet downtime away from the crowds and the stressful Internet, you’ll love it here. It’s the most peaceful getaway I’ve ever been on!

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