A Travel Blogger’s Take on Eco Travel and Conscious Living

Photo of India by Ananya Ghosh They say travel teaches you a lot about life and most importantly, about yourself. I am not only a firm believer of this statement but also fully live by it. I have never learnt as much in a classroom than I have on journeys. At the end of trip, I always come back a different person; I grow, evolve and transform every time. You see, travel allows us to do more than just learn facts about various locations. It allows us to immerse in the local culture and lifestyle and leaves us with a lasting impression that isn’t likely to be forgotten. Over the few years, travelling to different cities and countries and being on various adventures I have learnt and relearnt the one most essential and important thing – to travel light in all ways. I cannot emphasise more about the importance of this. I repeat clothes, carry the bare necessities and collect all the trash to bring it back with me so that I can dispose it in a systematic manner. Being pampered with so many facilities and conveniences, we as humans don’t realise the excess amounts of utilities we think we need but actually don’t. It all comes down to a general set of ideas. As an eco-traveller, you have to decide to travel in a way that shows respect to nature and does not contribute to its degradation. Apart from saving the earth and well, yourself, sustainable travel also makes you a very responsible and sensitive citizen of the planet. It gives us a different perspective of the world and challenges us to open our minds to different ways of thinking. You see things differently; you need less, want less and eventually feel so good about yourself. You do yourself proud and that is a very special and personal feeling. Travel makes you realise that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn. And at the end of it, if the place gave you an experience worth cherishing and remembering, I do think that it is important for you to give back to the place with kindness and respect. Photo of A Travel Blogger's take on Eco-Travel by Ananya GhoshPhoto of A Travel Blogger's take on Eco-Travel by Ananya Ghosh

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